Bukit Purmei, Singapore

93 m2 / 1000 ft2

May 2023

The two existing columns are detached from the walls and expressed as individual elements within the space.

With the separation of the walls from these two existing columns, a corridor is expressed, adding a sense of layering, creating a buffer zone between the ‘public’ and ‘private’ spaces.

Behind each column, a fixed glass panel is created as a ‘window’, in about the same proportions as the column, as if when each column is displaced from the wall, a ‘window opening’ is left behind.

Depending on one’s location within the apartment, each pair of window-column conceals and reveals at the same time. It teases the boundary between ‘public’ & ‘private’, reduces compartmentation of rooms, and induces a sense of spatial expansion.


Photography by Finbarr Fallon Creative Office