Jalan Belibas, Singapore

607 m2 / 6534 ft2

March 2023

As a semi-detached dwelling on a plot of more than 6,000 square-feet, the original house had been designed to maximise its interior floor area, resulting in light wells of minimal dimensions. The greatest design challenges lie therefore in animating the expansive interiors, and to evoke a sense of poetics especially for the dimmer spaces on the first storey.

A double light channel on the ceiling, plus a 13m customized carpet on the floor, establish an axial order to the living and dining spaces. This linear space gets shaped by a curation of natural and man-made materials on its defining surfaces: travertine on the front, sandstone through its length, engineered quartz for bar and kitchen countertops, and fabric on the other side of the axis. The American black walnut slab as dining table underscores the timber-like veins of the sandstone, which in turn gets illuminated by a soft circular glow that also accentuates the fabric-cladded wall in its dim context.

The master bedroom entry is veiled by a fluted translucency, and the timber-patterned laminates in the son’s and daughter’s bedrooms run horizontally to reinforce their continuity with the veins of the sandstone across the living and dining areas.

Dwelling within these spaces becomes a delight in finding associations not only amongst patterns of different materials, but also with our inward perceptions of nature.




一楼开放式的客厅与饭厅上以工笔勾出两条灯槽,地上则以泼墨谱写一席长毯,如此一上一下定出空间的轴线。地毯像一条长河,流经天工与人工材质。电视墙的洞石坑坑点点,尽是时间蒸发的痕迹。两面巨幅砂岩纹理分明,如重重山脉层峦叠嶂,像层层浪花翻江倒海,又似条条木纹迂回萦绕。核桃实木餐桌呼应着砂岩,不知是木中有石,还是石里藏木。两款人造石英吧台与厨房台面各自黑白,相映成趣。餐桌的另一侧与厨房正对面的墙因背光而显得格外阴暗,既然彼岸的天色渐晚,何不将灯带圈起布料,与地毯拼凑出 “长河落日圆”?




Photography by Studio Periphery ; Finbarr Fallon Creative Office