TripleOne Somerset, Singapore

79 m2 / 850 ft2

May 2021

Interior design for office spaces often entails defining different functions without physical segregation. Zones for meeting, working, and relaxing are both differentiated and connected in this office by the diagonal.

The off-centred entry door on the right side to this rectangular office space triggers a most simple but effective layout: a cosy corner on the far-left corner as the culmination of the diagonal walkway leading from the entry, delineating two triangular areas on each side. From the near-end to the far-end of the office, the widths of the meeting and working spaces decreases and increases respectively, subtly evoking the transition from public to private.

The triangle organizes the space and also sculpts the tables. The posts of the office table converge at the top amongst various service lines to find bare spots to anchor to the slab soffit and diverge at the bottom to achieve structural stability for a fully cantilevered tabletop that allows free movement of seats. The meeting table triangulates to the shape of the space and separates into two smaller tables for group discussions.

The triangle as a compositional element has been adopted in visual art throughout history. Perceptually, the triangle is inherent in perspective, where vision lines recede to a focal point. Hence the experience of an office space that is composed of triangles is always dynamic, and since the two right triangles form a rectangle on plan, the vibrancy of the skew lines finds balance within a clear geometrical order.


Photography by Studio Periphery, jncollective