Gardenvista, Singapore

105 m2 / 1130 ft2

December 2019

The young couple of this apartment yearns for a place that can accommodate the fluidity of modern living and at the same time, a warm nest for family.

With the existing public areas of the residence being detached, the design begins with the possibilities of re-connecting these spaces.

The removal of most existing walls floods the apartment with daylight and induces a sense of continuity and expanse. The proposal repositions the living room to occupy what had been previously two small bedrooms, granting linear adjacency to the kitchen, dining and living. The original living room transforms into a music/guest room where nuanced melodies from the piano meanders softly through the open apartment.

The changes in the materiality of the floor quietly announces the transition from the entry across the dining, kitchen and into the living room. This juxtaposition is bounded by the matte grey monotone columns that unassumingly ensures a coherence of elegance across the space. As moving walls emerge from the grey columns, the space divides and encloses, offering a varying landscape of different spatial zones and privacy. The open plan readily shifts between the needs of work, entertaining and home, borrowing left-over spaces from one another.

The gentle slope of the butterfly ceiling elicits a subconscious awareness of what is above, revealing an atypical spatial experience while ushering the gaze towards the view beyond.


Photography by Wee Chai